“Transformation” Original Painting

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120 x 120 x 3.5 cm | 48” x 48” 
Acrylic on canvas. 

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 On a very basic level all beings think they should be happy. When life becomes difficult or painful, we feel that something has gone wrong. According to the Buddhist teaching, difficulty is inevitable in human life. For one thing, we can not escape the reality of death. But there are also the realities of aging, of illness, of not getting what we want, and of getting what we don't want.

These kinds of difficulties are facts of life. Even if you were the Buddha himself, if you were a fully enlightened person, you would experience death, illness, aging and sorrow at losing what you love. All of these things would happen to you. if you got burned or cut, it would hurt.

But the Buddhist teachings also say that this is not really what causes us misery in our lives. What causes misery is always trying to get away from the facts of life, always trying to avoid pain and seek happiness ~ this sense of ours that there could be lasting security and happiness available to us if we could only do the right thing.

It is so basic in us to feel that things should go well for us, and that if we start to feel depressed, lonely, or inadequate, there's been some kind of mistake or we've lost it.

In reality, when you feel depressed, lonely, betrayed, or any unwanted feelings, this is an important moment on the spiritual path.

This is when real transformation can take place.

~ Pema Chodron ~ 

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100% Original

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