Mirabela Varga 


Mirabela Varga 

Mirabela Varga is a contemporary impressionist who specialises in palette knife fine art and creates vibrant paintings, bold in colour, rich in texture and deep in content. Currently working full-time from her studio in Ocean Shores, NSW Australia. 

Her subjects range from floral textured canvases to iconic scenery, lane ways and cityscapes to popular coastal views and stunning abstract pieces. She is a much sought after commission based artist working in all sizes, colours and collaborates well to bring her client's request to the foreground of any art piece.

Mirabela's work is widely recognised around the world with private collections held in the UK, Hong Kong, Barcelona, California, Europe and Australia. 

Mirabela's background and academic studies in business, tourism, acting and healing therapies have all been contributing factors in her development as a deeply inspired palette knife artist.

Mirabela's discipline into palette knife art began when she met her mentor Saadi Al Murayati in September 2009, whom she continued to train with for a duration of four months before being guided to launch her own business selling her much sought after paintings.

Mama Studio was created in March 2010 as a dedication to her mother who she enthuses 'taught me to see the world through the eyes of my heart'. Her mother, Olivia Varga, had passed away in the beginning of the year that Mirabela's training as a palette knife artist began.

Mirabela understood that this was a gift from her mother, beyond time and space, as a thank-you for being her carer for the last 14 months of her life. Having become a mother herself in 2013, she can truly understand how important it is to nurture imagination and encourage creativity in everyday life.

Mirabela shares that her inspirations and creativity come from her daily experiences but mostly from the mysterious. Her surroundings are her biggest inspirations. Painting is her gift to this world and shares "it gives me the opportunity to collaborate with so many wonderful people in the name of art to bring joy, wonder and excitement to eachother's lives for having met and joined for a brief period in time, if not for a lifetime."​The dimensional depth and vibrancy in Mirabela's paintings reflect her depth in feeling about the exploration of living a life of Truth, 'our external world is a reflection of our inner world'. For this reason alone Mirabela's paintings are known to stimulate your imagination and evolve with you, sometimes finding something new or never seen before even years after hanging your painting.

Established in 2009, 'Mama Studio' has slowly evolved into 'Mirabela Gallery'. A real-time online gallery that continues to provide quality art direct to the art-collector from the artist herself, Mirabela. ​If there was ever a time to start or continue investing in original Mirabela paintings, it is now. 

Solo Exhibitions
"Highlights" The Butter Factory, Sunshine Coast, Australia 2017
"Light Emerging" 4DVerse, St.Kilda, Melbourne, Australia 2015
"Rebirth", La Cultural de Art, Barcelona, Spain 2012
"Reflections" Renaissance Art Space, Brussels, Belgium 2011

Group Exhibitions
Gallery#9, The Como, South Yarra 2016 
Gallery#9, Abbotsford Australia
2015 The Pantechnicon Gallery, Daylesford Australia
2010 Stardust Art Gallery, Prahran Australia 2010

Oak Hill Award, 2015 Highly Commended
Arup Cash Prize, 2012 Non-Aquisitive

Live Painting Invitations
Hobson's Bay Art's Society, 2015 LK Property Group Launch, 2014 Baby Tree Projects Charity Auction, 2011 Carnaval de Rua Samba Cine Club, 2011 Tourism Victoria Prospectus Launch, 2010 Private Wedding, 2010

TV Appearances as Mirabela Postcards, 2016
The Block, 2013
Coxy's Big Break, 2010

Art Shows
Red Hill Art Show, 2016
Somers Art Fair, 2015
CamART, 2014
Somers Art Fair, 2014
Camberwell Art Show, 2013
Casey Art Show, 2013

Donation of Paintings to raise funds:Alex L.Orbito www.pyramid4light.org Philippines
Raising funds for kids undercover
BabyTree Projects & BeeKeeper Co.Alfred Road Kindergarten
Ella Shepherdson PreschoolSomers Kindergarten
Somers Primary School
Member of Glen Eira Artists' Society, 2015


At Mirabela Gallery, we understand that the search for the perfect piece of art is deeply personal and sometimes, what you're seeking might not be immediately visible. If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for in our current collection, we're here to help. Mirabela Varga offers bespoke commissioned art services, allowing you to collaborate directly with her to create a piece that resonates with your personal taste and space. Whether it's a specific subject, color palette, or size, Mirabela is skilled in translating your ideas and emotions into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork. Let us assist you in creating the perfect piece that speaks to your heart and complements your space. Reach out to us, and let's start the journey of crafting your unique vision into reality.

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Every brushstroke tells a story in my collection of 100% hand-painted artworks. As an artist deeply devoted to my craft, I pour my heart and soul into each creation, ensuring that every piece resonates with the vibrancy and passion characteristic of my work. My paintings are more than just art; they are a symphony of colors and textures, brought to life through the palette knife technique. Unlike mass-produced prints, these original masterpieces are imbued with layers of emotion and depth, designed to enrich and transform the aesthetic essence of your space with their unique, three-dimensional beauty.