Mirabela Varga's Exclusive Greetings Card Collection: "Palette of Emotions"

Mirabela Varga's Exclusive Greetings Card Collection: "Palette of Emotions"

Embrace the artistry of Mirabela Varga with our exclusive greetings card collection, "Palette of Emotions." Each card in this collection is a miniature canvas, showcasing the vibrant and emotive essence of Mirabela's contemporary impressionist style. With her signature palette knife technique, these cards bring to life an array of subjects, from the serenity of nature's floral patterns to the dynamic energy of urban landscapes.

  • Floral Whispers: Delicate textures meet vivid colors in cards that capture the subtle beauty of nature.
  • Urban Symphony: Experience the hustle of city life through bold strokes and lively hues.
  • Coastal Serenity: Share the tranquility of seascapes and coastal views with loved ones.
  • Abstract Wonders: Let the imagination soar with cards featuring stunning abstract designs.

Each card in this collection is more than just a greeting; it's a piece of art that tells a story. Inspired by Mirabela's global journey, with influences from Australia to Barcelona, these cards are perfect for conveying heartfelt messages for every occasion. Whether it's celebrating a special moment or simply sharing a piece of artistic beauty, "Palette of Emotions" offers a unique way to connect and inspire.

Mirabela's art is a reflection of her belief that our external world mirrors our inner selves. This collection invites recipients to explore their truths and find joy in the simple act of giving and receiving. Embrace the opportunity to share a piece of Mirabela Varga's world with someone special today.

Square greeting card for any occasion.

Folded and blank inside.

Title of art work and artist biography on back cover.

14 x 14 cm.